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Anime poetry

  •   God-like and fragile, the boy Shun gave his lips to man and woman, whose touch he knew but couldn’t handle. Spectral in darkness in wait, him awake and slumbered, living yet lifeless, nothing and other. Brave Shun behind his white mask, [...]


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Your name, our anime: defending the new and female otaku

by Elisabeth O'Neill in Quickfire editorials

It’s time for another episode of Old Fogies Take a Dump on New Anime. Mamoru Oshii’s done it, taking pops at Mamoru Hosoda, Hideaki Anno, and all currently-airing anime in general. Now it seems Toshio Okada, co-founder of Gainax and [...]


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Star Wars Shadow Council

Fans writing on the continuing Star Wars mythos with a focus on analysis and speculation.

Making Star Wars

News From the Prequels to the Sequels!

The Wookiee Gunner

TWG provides news, reviews, and opinion pieces pertaining to the Star Wars animated shows.

Naboo News

A media review about Star Wars. We love the Prequel Trilogy here.